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73RD EMME4 SUPERLIGHT Shimano Ultegra Di2 DISK 22s

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Available in the standard colour C58 Red Lab.

On demand it's possible to choose among 7 custom colours, Beside the team edition.

Try a unique experience with EMME4 Superlight.

EMME4 Superlight is made with the new MONOLITH technology, which allows to create the frame in one piece only, thus creating a real monocoque. The total absence of junction points between the front quadrilateral and the rear stay helps to lighten the weight of the frame. Thanks to the homogeneity of the carbon fi ber distribution over the entire length of the frame, elasticity and reactivity are pushed to the highest levels, making EMME4 Superlight one of the most powerful top road bike. This new production technology, thanks to the special mold confi guration, allows the correct positioning of all carbon layers, avoiding dangerous wrinkle effects that could create imperfections in the composite material stratifi cation and thus breakpoints. Who pedal on a monocoque frame with Monolith technology has the feeling to drive an extremely stable and responsive frame that maximizes riding precision. At the same time, it enhances exceptional comfort, diffi cult to fi nd on traditional monocoque frames. As the rear stay is one piece with the rest of the frame it greatly absorbs vibration and dampness. This frame is reinforced on remarkable on remarkable stressed points such as steering, bottom bracket and tube crossing with saddle tube.


FRAME Full monocoque carbon, Toraica T700/T1000 HM, alloy interchargeable dropout , suitable for caliper or disk brake, mecchanic or elettronic group set

BB Press Fit 86

HEADTUBE 1” 1/8 integrated up and 1” 1/2 down

FORK Monocoque carbon super light tapered steerer 1” 1/2 weight 330 g

COLOURS c29 Matt black red fluo, c58 Red Lab

WEIGHT Size M row 780 g

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