Bottecchia Bikes - Brand - Bottecchia UK


More than 100 years ago, from the direct collaboration with the champion Ottavio Bottecchia, the brand Bottecchia was born, now a recognised and undisputed landmark in the cycling world.

For over a century Bottecchia bicycles have been in the public eye all over the world with it's outstanding design and technological innovations. The brands, Reparto corse, Tempo Libero, BeGreen and Graziella, Bottecchia Cicli offers a complete range of bicycles, from racing models designed for professionals, to elegant two wheels projected for daily use in the city, up to the electric line to satisfy the needs of ecological mobility.


From 2012 Bottecchia Cicli has continued to grow and increase it's range thanks to the arrival of the new Graziella, which is developed around the iconic ‘60s Italian economical boom of the folding bike.